The Burial-chambers in the Pyramids of Queens at Giza
Пирамиды цариц при пирамиде Хеопса GI

(I) GIa: chief queen; (see Fig. 63).
Chamber: lined, 2.97 x 3.55 m. and 2.49 m. high; E-W room:

area, 10.54 sq. m.; capacity, 26.24 cu. m.;
rock chamber, 4.41 x 5.03 m. and 2.79 m. high; E-W room: area, 22.18 sq. m.; capacity, 61.88 cu. m.;
entered from east from anteroom by sloping passage, opening in north end of east wall;
sloping passage in rock, 1.4 x 3.15 m., with a height (at right angles to slope) of 0.95 m.;
with north side lined with masonry, reducing the width to 1.0 m.; the length to the inside of the lined room, 3.9 m.
Anteroom (turning room): 4.25 x 1.75 m. and 3.1 m. high; area, 7.44 sq. m.; capacity, 23.06 cu. m.;
entered in east end of north wall at roof-level from horizontal passage, and from the floor of this passage a ramp leads down to the floor of the anteroom (cf. type 2);
in south end of east wall a turning recess for introducing the coffin into the lower sloping passage.
Horizontal passage leading from end of upper sloping passage to north wall of anteroom, 2.8 x 1.0 m., and height of 1.2 m.
Sloping passage from face of pyramid; horizontal length as preserved, 16.55 m.; width, 1.0 m.;
height at right angles to slope, 1.2 m.
Total area of burial-chamber and anteroom, 17.89 sq. m.; total capacity of two rooms, 49.30 cu. m.

(2) G Ib: second queen; see Fig. 64.
Chamber: lined chamber, 3.12 x 3.88 m. and 3.35 m. high; E-VV chamber: area,

12.11 sq. m.;
capacity, 40.57 cu. m.; rock chamber:
5.38 x 5.33 m., and 3.93 m. high; nearly square chamber;
area, 28.68 sq. m. ;
capacity, 112.71 cu. m. ;
entered from east from anteroom by sloping passage opening near the south end of east wall:
sloping passage in rock, 1.0 x 2.85 m.; and rightangled height of 1.15 m. ;
not lined ;
length to inside lined chamber, 3.65 m.:
the sloping passage opens in the floor of the anteroom at 0.92 m. east of the west wall of the anteroom, making a total horizontal length of 4.57 m.
Anteroom (turning room): NE corner not cut to a right angle, 2.77 x 3.05 m. and 2.9 m. high;
area, c. 8.45 sq. m.;
capacity, c. 24.5 cu. m.;
entered in east end of north wall by horizontal corridor opening at floor-level.
Horizontal passage : connecting the sloping passage with the anteroom; 3.3 x 1.05 m. and 1.25 m. high;
Ramp: descending from floor of horizontal passage to floor of anteroom; takes the whole E-W of the anteroom;
Upper sloping passage: horizontal length from face of pyramid, 15.95 m.;
width, 1.05 m.;
right-angled height, 1.2 m.
Total area of burial-chamber and anteroom, 20.56 sq. m.;
total capacity of same, 65.07 cu. m.

(3) G Ic: pyramid of Queen Henutsen; see Fig. 65.
Chamber: lined chamber,

2.89 x 3.73 m., and 2.9 m. high;
E-W chamber:
area, 10.78 sq. m.;capacity, 31.26 cu. m.;
rock chamber: 5.28 x 4.67 m., and 3.39 m. high;
N-S chamber altered to E-W in lining;
area, 24.66 sq. m.;
capacity, 83.61 cu. m.;
entered from east by sloping passage opening in middle of east wall of lined chamber;
rock-cut passage, 0.95 x 1.5 m., with height at right angles of 1.15 m.;
length to inside of lined chamber, 2.0 m. not lined.
Anteroom (turning room): 3.35 x 2.6 m. and 2.2 m. high;
area, 8.71 sq. m.;
capacity, 19.16 cu. m.;
entered by upper sloping passage 0.25 m. above floor of the anteroom, east of the middle of the north wall;
this anteroom (after the introduction of the coffin) was converted into an L-shaped corridor by casing built in the NW corner and along the east side:
this L-shaped passage had a width 1.0 m. in the N-S arm and 0.95 in the E-W arm.
Upper sloping passage : horizontal length as preserved, 15.15 m. ;
width, 1.0 m.; right-angled height, 1.15 m.
Total area of burial-chamber and anteroom, 19.49 sq. m.;
total capacity of same, 50.42 cu. m.

Пирамида царицы при пирамиде Хефрена GII
(4) G IIa: queen buried with sealings of Chephre. p. 64, PI. XIII.
The chamber in the small pyramid G 11-a is of very different form.

The chamber is a long narrow E-W room with the sloping passage entering near the middle of the north side and is provided with a small ramp leading down from the floor of the passage to the floor of the chamber (as type 2).
The measurements of the unlined chambers are as follows:
Chamber: rock-cut, 2.5 x 6.8 m., and 2.05 m. high;
E-W room: area, 17.00 sq. m.;
capacity, 34.85 cu. m.;
entered by short horizontal passage in middle of north wall;
opening half-way between floor and roof;
rock-cut ramp inside the chamber descending from floor of passage to floor of chamber (cf. shaft type 2).
Horizontal passage between sloping passage and ramp in chamber: length, 0.8 m.;
width 1.0 m.;
Sloping passage : destroyed above rock-surface;
height, 1.0 m.;
horizontal length to face of pyramid,  11.0 m.

Пирамиды цариц при пирамиде Микерина GIII
(5) G 111a: eastern pyramid: Queen Kha-merer-nebty II (?); see Fig. 67.
Chamber: unlined, 3.17 x 7.72 m., and 2.61 m. high;

E-W room: area, 24.47 sq. m.;
capacity, 63.86 cu. m.;
entered by horizontal corridor, east of middle of north wall, opening at floor-level.
Coffin-pit: near west end, 2.45 x 1.85 m., and 0.85 m. deep.

Granite coffin: in west side of coffin-pit; 2.45 x 0.99 m., and 0.95 m. high; cavity, 1.88 i: 0.54 m., and 0.63 m. deep ;
flat lid (?) fitted in the same manner as the granite coffin of Chephren;
the coffin was probably packed with masonry built in the eastern side of the coffin-pit.
Horizontal passage; connecting portcullis corridor with the burial-chamber : 2.70 m, long, 1.06 m. wide, and 1.24 m. high; floor on a level with the floor of the portcullis corridor.
Portcullis corridor : entered at north end by sloping passage and the slope of the upper passage was continued by a ramp in the floor for 2.15 m., after which the floor ran horizontal to the horizontal passage;
in the upper part the width of the sloping passage and the horizontal passage was widened and
heightened to contain the trap slabs (portcullis slabs) before they were dropped (see the drawing).
Sloping passage: horizontal length from portcullis corridor as far as preserved, 13.10 m.
(6) G IIIb: second queen; see Fig. 68.
Chamber: lined chamber, 5.84. x 2.66 m.,

and 3.15 m. high; area, 15.53 sq. m. ;
capacity, 48.92 cu. m.;
rock chamber: 7.05 x 3.9 m. and 3.75 m. high; area, 27.49 sq. m.;
capacity, 103.08 cu. m.;
entered by sloping passage from east from anteroom opening at floor-level in north end of east wall of chamber;
length 1.95 m., width 0.90 m.;
height at right angles of 1.05 m.;
with one granite portcullis slab;
against the west wall of chamber, near the middle, stood a granite sarcophagus.
Granite sarcophagus: 2.03 x 0.79 m. and 0.79 m. high;
cavity, 1.78 x 0.46 m. and 0.6 m. deep;
flat lid, 0.26 m. thick; fitted as granite coffin G 111-a.
Anteroom (turning room): 3.12 x 4.19 m., and 2.61 m. high; area, 13.07 sq. m.;
capacity, 34.11 cu. m.;
entered by sloping passage in north wall near its west end, just above floor-level of anteroom;
sized with white plaster.
Sloping passage: horizontal length from north wall of anteroom to the opening in surface of the rock, 9.90 m.
Total area, of chamber and anteroom, 28.60 sq. m.;
total capacity of same, 83.03 cu. m.
(7) G IIIc: western pyramid pyramid of queen; see Fig. 69.
Chamber : rock-cut and unfinished ;

northern half not excavated to the designed floor-level, 7.92 x 3.45 m.;
height as designed, 2.89 m.;
N-S room: area, 27.32 sq. m. ;
capacity as designed, 78.95 cu. m. ;
entered from east from anteroom by horizontal passage, length 2.10 m., width 1.0 m., and 1.20 m. high, level with floor of anteroom:
enters burial chamber near south end of east wall, slightly above floor-level:
this indicated that the chamber was designed to be lined and paved.
Anteroom (turning room) : 4.16 x 2.61 m., and 2.28 m. high;
area, 10.86 sq. m. ;
capacity, 24.76 cu. m. ;
entered by sloping passage near east end of north wall, opening about in middle of height of wall.
Sloping passage: opens in rock north of north face of pyramid, which was unfinished;
horizontal length from anteroom to rock opening, 15.54 m.
Total area of burial-chamber and anteroom, 38.18 sq. m.; capacity of same rooms, 103.6 cu. m.