INTRODUCTION by John Cadman (the author)

Each of us is given a piece to some grand puzzle of life. I was given the opportunity to demonstrate that there was a water machine under the Great Pyramid and the water machine produced the sonic force to drive the Great Pyramid.pWp1 Edward Kunkel was given a piece with his vision of the Great Pyramid being a water machine a water pump. Chris Dunn was given a piece with his vision of the Great Pyramid being a sonic machinea power plant. Stephen Mehler was blessed by receiving indigenous teachings. His teacher, Hakim, related that the Great Pyramid was a sonic machine that ran on water. Joe Parr has done extensive testing on the pyramid’s shape effect.
Фото слева -(Giza plateau with Nile river.  The causeway from the Great Pyramid can be seen leading down to the location of the ancient Nile River. The causeway was a hollow structure nearly half a mile long. Why did they need this hollow structure?)
Edward Kunkel tried to incorporate all of the rooms and shafts into the water machine. This was a grievous mistake that haunted him. Chris Dunn’s work focused primarily on the upper rooms and shafts. He described he subterranean chamber as having housed the equipment that drove the pyramid to resonance. Hakim taught Stephen the existence of miles of water tunnels that connected all of the ancient civilization.
pWp2 Фото справа — (The retaining wall is an accepted part of the pyramid structure. This retaining wall would have been as high as the entrance door. What did it need to retain?)
My research is the working proof that binds these visionaries. It includes the first and only working model of the subterranean section of the Great Pyramid. The whole pyramid can be removed and the subterranean section still runs. Because the model is mainly the subterranean section of the pyramid, it raises as many questions as it answers.
The following article is about the subterranean section of the Great Pyramid. The whole pyramid can be removed and the pump mechanism will still be present. It is a very simple yet effective device. If I’m right about the ancients having built this device then they were geniuses. If I’m wrong about them building the device then I’m certainly willing to take credit for this marvelous machine. Either way, we thought we’d share this research with our Black Russian Terrier friends as well as alternate researchers. All we ask is that you enter with an open mind and let the facts and engineering principles tell the story.This research has been published in Dr. John DeSalvo’s book, «The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook» and featured in AtlantisRising issue #56 as presented by Richard Noone. It will be featured in an upcoming book by Edward Malkowski.Do you know what 0.0001» looks like? For anybody with working knowledge of precision manufacture I strongly suggest reading Chris Dunn’s article about advanced machining (Serapeum) and Giza plateau in ancient Egypt. Stephen Mehler has an article about machined artifacts with reference to a previous civilization. Even if you don’t understand precision production, read the articles. It is based upon real world machining principles, specifications and tolerances. Did they really make those optical-precision granite artifacts with beating stones? (The «beating stones» is not an exaggeration) If you read the article and really «get» the implications — the full implications — then you will know that there is much more to history than what we’ve been exposed to. How do you create a perfectly square corner when you can not even make the precision square used to verify the angle? Even if you had a precision square could you produce precision pieces? Which civilization really made them? Ancient history has holes and this is the «smoking gun». The machine that I’m proposing is not out of the realm of what the pyramid builders have shown that they could produce. They were expert tunnelers. There’s even a Giza plateau water tunnel mapping project being undertaken. They could easily produce the two moving parts of the machine. I’m just glad that I don’t have to suggest that they could produce the precision granite artifacts of the Serapeum with beating stones and copper chisels! См. далее